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Price List

Tax & Financial Services
Tax Preparer fee (excludes tax docs fee)

tax document fees vary per your tax situation

ITIN Filing
Notary fees per signature
Grant Consulting/ Proposal Services

minimum fee is $25/hr. w/minimum 6hrs.

Life Insurance/ Investment Policies

Prices vary to suit clients needs!!

Credit Repair Consultation

Credit Repair Consultation is based on a minimum 6mos. signup. This service includes credit monitoring!

Accounting Services

Accounting services are based on a monthly member signup! 

Business Entity Filings

Includes filing fees associated with the Secretary of State

Business Credit Builder Program

Sign Up for our Business Credit Builder Program to get your business set on a fast track, this program will give you step-by-step guidance to start and grow your business. Having several credit opportunities, our program is guaranteed in helping to develop the small business sectors!